Am I the Jon Burga you’re looking for? There aren’t many of us, so your search probably ends here. If you’re still uncertain whether you’ve found the right Jon or not, I provide a table to help identify myself with below. I’m not guaranteed to be bearded anymore either.

is not consumes conspicuously produces is often
latino electricity indian fever dream music kind of on the move
a child calories unsavoury opinions upbeat
the general manager at a weed dispensary 250 thread count egyption cotton sheets code that does a lot but matters very little remembering that my body can also twist and bend

I have a wide range of narrow interests. You might get a rough approximation of them based on the topics gleemed from my site. Mostly this website is a simple landing page for some services that I run on this server for my personal use. I think we’d be living in nicer times if more people carved out a bit of internet land for themselves though.


More fun facts about me:

  • I went to the same University as Jihadi John in London.
  • I lived in 5 different countries. Currently I’m in Switzerland
  • I’m a hobbiest musician
  • Free and open source software enthusiast
  • I worked on the Streetview program at Google in Switzerland.
  • Spicey crypto takes
  • My online psuedonym ‘jonaburg’ is popular to a small and niche subset of the linux community This is because of my (long since abandoned) fork of a popular X11 compositor which implemented many combined aesthetic features like blur, rounded corners and animations for X11 based window managers.